Students Awarded Scholarships for Accomplishments


Matthew Nelson

John Adams seniors receive prestigious awards.

After working tirelessly to achieve outstanding academic performances, twelve John Adams seniors were rewarded for their efforts through scholarships.

Upon being invited to a meeting in the school’s conference room, the students who were completely unaware of the awards they would receive, were teased by the directors present about being in trouble. Daniel Scanlon, principal of Adams, took the floor along with the directors from the school to congratulate the students on their success.

Scanlon told them, “You get rewarded for your hard work and this is one of those examples.”

Matthew Nelson, Director of the Media Learning Community at Adams, applauded the receivers saying, “Keep it going, the sky’s the limit!”

Scanlon then offered Denis Dwyer, College Adviser at Adams, the chance to give the scholarship letters to the students, stating, “I’ll give you the honor since you were involved in the process.”

The recipients were given scholarships based on their academic accomplishments and standings and ranking in the Senior Class. These were granted by the University of the State of New York, located in Albany, with a sum of $1500 for every student and they are only given if the state has enough funding available. Recipients have to graduate from a NYS school, be a full-time student in a New York college and be a resident of the United States. Applications were submitted by the school for eligible students in October so as to ensure the February deadline was met.

Justin Olave, one of the awardees, talked about how he felt receiving the scholarship, exclaiming, “I was really ecstatic when I found out because this is my first time receiving anything like this from the school.”

These awards are evident of how diligence and dedication can lead to crowning achievements in students’ lives. Scanlon remarked, “This is a great opportunity for the students. It shows how impressive their quality of work is and that hard work does pay off.”