Making Moves on Senior Game Night


Game Night is a planned evening when John Adams seniors get together to relax a bit and play different games with their graduating class. “I liked how Game Night brought everyone together to do something that isn’t done everyday,” Annisa Singh said when asked what she enjoyed about the event. The seniors present were so excited to start the festivities that it began before its original start time of 6:00 p.m. Coordinated by English teacher Tami Beneduce, the event saw food take the top place on the agenda thanks to the teachers who contributed. There was a ton to eat and with high schoolers, as usual, it was all gone within a matter of minutes.


There were so many games provided that no one got the chance to try their hand at each; tables were covered with games like Monopoly, Jenga, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo and many more. One could hear cheering and the sighs of disappointment from tables away as competitors won and lost games. Students even put the original rules aside for some games and came up with their own methods of playing. Others, who were experts in some of the activities, were seen teaching their friends how to play and trick their opponents. A group of four girls was playing dominoes with two of them guiding the other two. They were giving them instructions on how they should slap the domino on the table whenever they make their next move because it simply would not have the same effect as just gently placing it, which was definitely a pro-tip!

Singh, who was part of the domino game, thought it was really nice how English teacher and cheerleading coach, Gwennette Lee, was willing to play games with everyone. In Singh’s opinion, “the night was a very stress-free one, but it would have been better if there was more advertising done.” She explained how she hadn’t heard anything about the event that day during the scheduled third period announcements and this could have affected the turn-out.

Despite this, the event was such a fun one that a group of students stayed behind when it was time for everyone to leave just so they could finish their last go-round at The Game of Life.