Save a Life with Just a Pint


Ashley Mercedes, Reporter

Donated blood is the salvation to many lives around the world. On Nov. 8, John Adams High School had an amazing assembly to motivate and inform teens of the importance of donating blood. To encourage the students to donate, COSA Kristin Ciccone invited cancer survivor Ruby Collins to speak about her journey and how a donation of blood helped her. In addition, Kennan “Special” Bristol spoke about how a donation of blood saved the life of his mother. Both speakers tested the students’ knowledge of the importance of donating blood and how with each donation three lives can be saved. At the end of the question and answer session, students were awarded shirts and other fun items. Apart from the questions, Collins sang for the students and surprised them by singing alongside Bristol as he performed his song and dance.

Many students and staff generously came to show their support. First-time donor Lexilee Boodram said, “I think that everyone should donate blood because, at the end of the day, you’re helping someone.” Boodram, a senior, explained that the first time she tried to donate she couldn’t because her iron levels were too low.  “Last year I felt terrible because when I finally worked up the courage to actually give blood, I couldn’t.” Student Sukhman Kaur didn’t feel comfortable donating, but she believes in helping by “creating posters and games that raise the students’ knowledge of the significance of donating blood.” Those who donated were rewarded with free breakfast by Music Brings Life, an organization that visits different high schools to talk about the significance of donating. AP of Humanities Jennifer Rozmus was one of the many teachers who donated this year. Rozmus provided a bit of advice for those considering donating. “It hurts but the pain goes away.  It’s a small sacrifice that can make a big difference.” To further inform students of the importance of donating, Rozmus exclaimed, “One of the things that I would do is a lesson in the English classes showing a video where students can see how one pint of blood can save someone’s life and impact a family.” Students and staff have another opportunity to donate as Ciccone arranged an additional blood drive on May 9. Students and staff who are interested can sign up in room 318.