Senior Movie Night: A Trip to See the Pumpkin King


Lexilee Boodram, Editor-In-Chief

The annual senior movie night has come at last. October, the month of horror, thrill, and excitement, was the perfect month to host this senior event.  Everyone was filled with anticipation for the occasion to snuggle up with their friends and watch a flick.

The choice of movie seemed endless. What helped to narrow down the options a bit was that the movie had to be PG-13 with school appropriate content and available on DVD or Amazon Prime. That crossed out some blockbuster hit movies such as “Halloween” (2018), “IT” (2018), and  “The Meg” (2018).

“We were having a hard time choosing a movie, so we went straight to some of the childhood classics that were familiar to us,” said Tasmeem Ruba, Prom Committee President. Members of the Senior Council and Senior Leaders called out the first favorites that came to mind: “Hocus Pocus” (1993), “Halloweentown” (1998), and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993).

Why would anyone want to watch these movies when they’ve probably seen them dozens of times before on The Disney Channel? “When you watch a movie with your friends, it means more to you than if you were to watch it alone. You would have someone there with you to laugh and have fun with while the movie is playing,” commented Faith Nicholas, Prom Committee Secretary.

The Halloween season was almost over and Christmas was right around the corner. In the spirit of the holidays, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was chosen. The date was set, emails were sent out, posters were put up, and the announcements were made.

Tami Beneduce, the Senior Advisor, was hustling around to ensure that everything would go according to plan. “The Senior Council and I went around and made sure that the word was spread. It was our first event, so we wanted the atmosphere to be comfortable in order to start the year off right,” she said.

Oct. 26 quickly arrived. Movie night was met with the John Adams High School building overflowing with the aroma of buttery popcorn. The assisting Senior Council and Senior Leaders resembled busy bees in a hive as they bustled about room 227 setting it up with decorations and a huge array of snacks.

“[Room 227] looked like I walked into a Nightmare Before Christmas wonderland,” said Catherine Williams, a early graduating Junior. “I didn’t expect to see the photo wall, the snacks, the character lanterns, or hear the Tim Burtonesque music playing.” She continued,” I thought we were just going in a room to watch a movie. I definitely didn’t expect all the extra stuff added in.”

The attendees cuddled up with their friends and eagerly watched as the movie began. The entire duration was filled with smiles, laughs, and a medley of voices singing along to the songs. The event was a success. The senior cinephiles left that evening with smiles on their faces, memories etched into their minds and handfuls of food. The cult classic gift wrapped people’s hearts and topped them off with a bow.