Victoria’s HUGE Secret is She’s Trying to Stay Alive

Lexilee Boodram, Editor-In-Chief

Victoria’s Secret is the world-famous lingerie and clothing store that is well known by many. Roy Raymond started the business in 1977 and it has been thriving ever since then. With the popularity of the company, no one would expect any drastic changes in its state of affairs. Well, the impossible is becoming possible as Victoria’s Secret (VS) is beginning to shut down.

This company used to be known for its long lasting products, but that seems to have changed.  Victoria’s Secret merchandise has become way too expensive for the quality of the products. Prints fall off of clothing, jackets rip easily, and the lingerie tears with holes in them on the first use.

Stuart Burgdoerfer, Executive Vice President and CFO of L Brands (the parent company that VS is under) said, “The stores are closing due to a few different reasons which include the overall performance of Victoria’s Secret business not meeting our expectations or having year-on-year declines.”

The chain has closed 4% of its stores, which is significantly larger than what is considered normal. The chain typically closes 15 stores a year but Victoria’s Secret has shut down 30 stores since last year.

The main reason for the declining life of Raymond’s company is not only the expense of the product, but the decreasing appeal the products have. For years, this business has had the eye-catching habit of attracting customers, but recently “…the merchandise has become repetitive and outdated,” according to CNBC.

Blogger Courtney, who worked as a professional bra fitter, wrote, “I’m here to tell you that Victoria’s Secret is actually one of the worst places to go to buy your bras,” as she unpacks the four reasons why Victoria’s Secret bras are bad in an article on her blog. Its sizes are limited, its sales clerks aren’t certified in bra fitting, its bras are poor quality and the kicker, “I don’t like how VS objectifies women and teenage girls in an overtly sexual way,” posted Courtney.

Victoria’s Secret’s time appears to have come and gone as many believe it is out of touch with women’s sensibility. Sex may sell to men, but women want comfort first, especially in intimate apparel. Victoria’s Secret will have to change its advertising from airbrushed models to different types of women and from everything sexy to sexy and comfortable to remain relevant in these times.