Be a Leader!


The Global Kids student government has assembled! From left to right: Scarlett Matthias, Lytele Jackson, Yougeeto Singh, Ariel Marroquin, Riya Thapa, Damian Caron.

Anjali Rafaqat, Reporter

John Adams High School offers a number of clubs and after school opportunities to pique the interest of its diverse student body.  One such club allows students to embrace their culture while making a difference in the world. The Global Kids Leadership Club, led by Senior Trainer Shantanu Roy, encourages students to “enhance their leadership skills” while gaining confidence and independence.

The Global Kids Leadership Club offers students the chance to go on international trips, obtain a job with the Council on Foreign Relations, attend special retreats, and more, all while working towards becoming a stronger leader and role model for students worldwide.  In addition, there are many activities in which members of the Leadership Club may participate in, including choosing a topic of interest and performing research on its impact and worldwide effects. Students also interact with each other, play competitive games and take part in debates, all of which Roy described as activities that help students “explore critical thinking,” a skill necessary both in the classroom and the world at large.  Such activities express the values of John Adams High School and allow students to embrace a variety of real-world and higher order thinking concepts without the pressure of being in a traditional classroom setting.

The goal of the Leadership Club is for students to voice their viewpoints without judgement and “enhance communication skills”, Roy stated. He continued, “The Leadership Club creates a safe space for students to connect better.”  Member Josiah Dunn agreed, stating, “The learning, the ice-breakers, the open discussion…it’s all beautiful.”

The Leadership club is held after ninth period in room 206 every Tuesday. Those who would like to join may sign up in the Global Kids office in room 102.