High School Fair

Christal Hall, Reporter

Over 7,000 people were present at the John Adams High School Fair hosted by Tarek Alamarie, AP of Data and Organization.  The successful fair ran from Sept. 22 to 23 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The goal of the fair was to reach out and speak to 600 families about sending their children to John Adams for their 2019-2020 freshman year. Over the past few years, John Adams was the high school every 8th-grader tried to avoid getting into due to its “bad reputation.” Parents did whatever they could to avoid having their child sent to John Adams High School due to associations with gang activity, low attendance and graduation rates, according to Evelyn Henry, a parent who went to the Board of Education to ensure that her son didn’t attend John Adams, which happened to be his zoned high school.

Despite the negative feedback the high school had previously received because of these unfortunate circumstances, the dedicated staff and faculty managed to rebuild the John Adams reputation into one that sparked conversation throughout the city. The school even managed to become the only New York City public high school to move from the Renewal to Rise list.  Many aren’t aware that John Adams went through this. The fair’s impressive turnout was one of the biggest school showcases in Queens.

AP Alamarie states that one of the benefits that John Adams received from this large assembly were 600 enrolling freshmen for the following school year. Families and other students who attended were also able to learn about the new and improved John Adams through personal observation and speaking to the staff. They were able to “put a face on the new John Adams reputation,” says AP Alamarie.

The fair was more of a recruitment mechanism where middle school students and parents were able to explore local high schools, resulting in a great outcome for John Adams, parents and students in the community. Students enter John Adams as young and clueless individuals and leave mature and educated young adults and future leaders.  All schools from Queens were in attendance along with parents and possible future students.

The fair was such a success that AP Alamarie feels the best part about it was “hearing not only parents but other schools say positive things about our school.” He wants everyone to know that John Adams is a school that offers highly rigorous programs such as the STEM SLC, College Now classes, College Board Advanced Placement classes and many more programs that are offered at John Adams, including the trophy-winning, recently-added AFJROTC program.