Another Witching Season of “American Horror Story” is Brewing

Another Witching Season of American Horror Story is Brewing

Tiffany Leverock, Reporter

Have you ever been so hooked on a series that you just can’t seem to look away?!  “American Horror Story” has continuously intrigued fans since its introduction by FOX in 2011.  Many people love the unique plot, which showcases a new theme each season with a recurring cast set as different characters.

Continuous and popular cast members include Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Taissa Farmiga, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Jamie Brewer, Angela Bassett, and Dylan McDermott. According to the online magazine Bustle,It would tie together all seasons of the series without having to explain the fact that there are multiple people who look exactly alike sharing a universe,” explaining how the show uses the same characters over the course of multiple seasons.  Through all 8 seasons we have constantly seen these cast members transform their characters into different roles. For example, Evan Peters has played in almost all the seasons; he was first introduced as Tate, a teenage boy in Murder House, then he was introduced as a patient at the asylum in Season 2 before going on to portray different characters in later seasons. Another example includes Taissa Farmiga, who was first known as Violet, a teenage girl in the first season of Murder House.  Although she was not in Season 2, she came back for Season 3, Coven, playing the role of a witch, and many other characters as the seasons went on.

Season 3 of “American Horror Story”, Coven, was all about witches and focused on the magic and power of things. This remains a favorite among fans.  Rodolfo Ramales, a John Adams senior, stated, “Season 3 never got boring, they added witches with different powers and stayed surprising the audience.”  Senior Caitlyn Santiago agreed that the season was “mad magical.” Apparently rumor has it that we will see more witches within the current run, Season 8. This is going to be interesting and we look forward to being impressed.

John Adams Junior, Randy Balkissoon, stated that “the seasons just are better with the same characters, it would never be boring with seeing the same faces because the roles are always reversed somehow, it always brings new adventures to seeing the same actors jump into being new ones.”

There’s so much excitement about the show itself from many students, who just can’t get enough of the series. Senior Ariel Mercedes loves the show and expressed, “The series is so good; I love it!  It’s so much gore, drama and action. It’s definitely my all time favorite series because it just never dies down as it goes on.” Senior Angeli Ortega agreed, calling the show “interesting but type scary.”  That didn’t stop her from watching it though, as she stated, “I like the vibes.” Many students felt as if this series was amazing and I am one to agree.

Following the show from day one you can see all the ways the creators, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, have made it more interesting. According to Wikipedia, “Creators Murphy and Falchuk began working on “American Horror Story” before their Fox series Glee began production. Murphy wanted to do the opposite of what he had done previously and thus began his work on the series.”  They have proven quite successful in their endeavors, providing a show that is never repetitive and always keeps the audience interested. 

An interested audience means a renewed series, which brings us into season 8, the perfect mixture of season 1 and season 3 to bring us the answers that we’ve been waiting for. Season 8 is all about the magic of things just like season 3. As the world is on the edge of destruction, the witches fight against an evil force who started the end of the world. As things heat up, everything is eventually destroyed, but this did not stop the witches. With the new supreme, the most powerful witch in the coven rising and showing her skills, she quickly sacrifices her life alongside everything else and reverses time to save everyone. With a new future to be lived, she has to make sure the events don’t occur once again and bring the apocalypse to a start.

Will she be able to do this? Only time will tell.

“American Horror Story” is overall a show that will not disappoint as the creators always have something new up their sleeves.  I have always been impressed by the show myself, and the unique quality presented by each season.