John Adams Club Fair: Something for Everyone

Nina Thomas and Amanda Ruggiero


The John Adams High School Club Fair, hosted by Kristin Ciccone, the coordinator of student activities, featured a variety of clubs that allowed both new and returning students to explore what they may be interested in and get information about all of the clubs and after school activities that the school has to offer.

Ciccone received a firsthand look at how the students were interacting and the overall positive mood of the September 27 fair.  This prompted a positive response from both the students who volunteered to work the booths and those who spent their time exploring.

“It was run by the students,” Ciccone said. “Other students weren’t intimidated to go to the booth.”  The fair also served as motivation for students in attendance to work hard so they could host a booth next year, allowing them to display their individuality and giving them a taste of being independent while the teacher supervises. Student leaders this year had to think of ways to entice others to visit their booths and join their clubs. One popular method was through decorations and booth customization.

“All of the booths were really good,” Ciccone said. “Prom Committee had the actual dresses there,” she continued, speaking of the annual Prom Attire Drive.  Having a striking visual is essential to gaining one’s interest. The athletic teams had equipment and the Newspaper Club featured some of their older newspapers and website.  Students at the Club Fair said that it had an “expressive and beautiful decor” that aided the clubs in being successful amongst the crowd. However, some others felt that it “could have been improved,” but it still served its purpose.  An anonymous 11th grader stated that they wished there was “more snacks,” while an anonymous 12th grader would have liked to see “more enthusiasm” among the students.

One feature that brought many people together was the music that JROTC played to boost morale and make the fair even more enjoyable.  Christal Hall, a cadet senior master sergeant, expressed how they “encourage each other.” Kaila Goggans, a cadet first lieutenant, agreed, stating that they are “all a family” and stand united. This is a prime example of how a unified front can attract others. Students that browsed the fair often commented on how the clubs looked fun as they witnessed the club representatives having a good time while doing work. This was a big motivator for students to sign up for multiple clubs.

Overall, the Club Fair was a major success for both students and teachers. Everyone had a great time and it allowed independence to shine amongst the students. There was a large turnout of new club members and an aspiration for it to be even better next year. “For next year, club advisors and students know what to bring,” Ciccone said. This will allow for an even more successful Club Fair next year that will be something for both the students and teachers to look forward to.