Kicking Off the Season

Dawn Larosiliere, Reporter

The Boys Varsity Football team is off to a bold start. This time last year, they were 1-4, yet now, they are 3-2. They won their first two games by 30+ against Beach Channel and Christopher Columbus and played amazing defense in which they didn’t allow them to score and ending the games with a score of 32-0 and 34-0. During the first game of the season against Beach Channel, Alejandro Ulloa had a 70+ yard touchdown and Rajbir Singh had two touchdowns.Their good start this year could mean they could even make the playoffs!

There have been some new changes to the team since the majority of their players had graduated last year. This year, the team is being lead by offensive players: Quarterback Steve Viel, Running Back Alejandro Ulloa, and Wide Receiver Rajbir Singh. These seniors have proven to be what the coaching staff is looking for with the team’s outstanding scores. On the defensive end, the leading defense players are Seniors: Amacko James, Ralph Azor, Tion Barker, Gabriel Anderson, and Jerome Jacobs.

This year, their Quarterback, Steve Viel, uses all the players to his advantage and executes the plays spectacularly. The ball is thrown to multiple open players. It isn’t just ran by Viel or Alejandro, nor is it only caught by Rajbir Singh, one of their wide receivers. Each receiver has thrown the ball this year, when last year, during majority of the games, Quarterback Joseph Alvarado ran the ball. The Spartans look as if they could make the playoffs if they continue to play like this and if they can bounce back from loses. They have won more games than last year so far, but this is not enough to buy them a playoff ticket. With two more wins, they could possibly make the playoffs.

The twice-a-day summer practices seem to be paying off, as well as the recruitment of Steve Viel and Jerome Jacobs, the latter playing both offense and defense. Jacobs managed to have 15 tackles, three sacs, and 85 receiving yards so far. Quarterback Steve Viel has had 538 passing yards, 32/60 completed passes, and four touchdown passes. These two players have proven to be the stars on the team for this year.

Jerome Jacobs seemed to have had a lot of faith in his team this year. He said, “The team is looking pretty good but they need to fight more.” He continued,”I feel good about this season.” The team has a chance to be one of the best teams in their division. When asked if there was anything he could change on the team he said, “I’d change their mindset because that’s the only thing that holds them back. If they had better mindsets, they would be a better team.”