The Nun: A Horrifying Disaster


THE NUN (2018)

Main Cast: Taissa Farmiga, Demian Bichir, Jonas Bloquet, Sandra Rosko

Director: Corin Hardy

Producers: James Wan & Peter Safron

Rated: R

Categorized: Horror/Thriller

Run Time: 1 Hour & 36 Minutes


Have you ever been excited to see a new movie only to then be disappointed by the outcome? That was how we felt about the movie, “The Nun.”  The movie has made a whopping $336.1 million dollars in theaters so far and has earned a 6/10 on IMBD and 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. The trailer was overhyped as compared to the actual movie, which was a complete disappointment.

This predictable film starts with the scene of a young nun committing suicide in a church. Sister Irene (played by Taissa Farminga) and Father Burke (played by Demian Bichir) are sent to the church to investigate why a devoted novice would commit the ultimate sin by taking her own life. A local villager named Maurice “Frenchie” Theriault, the man who found the nun’s corpse while on his weekly delivery route, escorted Sister Irene and Father Burke to the abandoned gothic premises of the convent.

They soon discovered the demonic character of the Nun, the main antagonist of the movie who begins to haunt the halls of Carta Monastery. The trio are on a time limit to find out the root of the demonic occurrences before they meet their fates prematurely. This movie is a branch off and continuation from the well-known series, The Conjuring.  In The Conjuring 2, the Nun was first introduced. In Annabelle: Creation, the Nun appears in the background and is revealed to have originated from a convent in Romania. The pieces that tie the Nun and the broad storyline together are found in those movies.

As the movie goes on, grating sound effects and baritone background music help build the movie’s atmosphere to cause jump scares. The majority of the movie was based on jump scares due to the angle of the camera and the timing. The camera work also incited suspense with the intermediate movements in order to lead the audience to anticipate what would happen next.  We found this movie and its scare tactics to be very cliche and exaggerated. Although it had its occasional scares, the movie itself was very predictable and uninteresting and did not live up to the trailer’s excitement due to it being more of an explanatory filler to The Conjuring Series rather than an actual horror movie.

We surveyed the John Adams student body and the majority of students formed the consensus that the movie was definitely overrated. Some thought that the advertisement was “so extreme” that it was taken down on YouTube based on the idea that it was too traumatizing. This contributed to the hype and potential scare factor of “The Nun”.  “The movie was too repetitive. It just jumped out too much,” said Whitlow, a staff member at John Adams High School.

Other students thought the concept was new and refreshing because a nun, a figure known for being pure and friendly, was turned into an easily corrupted and manipulated being when evil appeared.  “The movie was really good. I kept on getting scared,” said Gabby Sanchez, a freshman.

Overall, “The Nun” was a fairly bad stand alone movie because of the quality and scare factors that were included. However, when it came down to fitting in with The Conjuring, it was perfect. Based on the storyline, it was really good since it fully explained the origins of the evil that was rooted in The Conjuring universe.